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Activity Regulations


 1. Up to 10% foreign participation in:

 Production Coops.

 2. Up to 25% in:

a) National air transportation.

b) Aero taxi transportation; and

c) Specialized air transportation.

 3. Up to 49% in:


a) Insurance institutions.

b) Bonding Institutions.

c) Money exchange.

h) General deposit warehousing.

i) Leasing.

j) Factoring financing.

k) Financing Societies with limited purpose.

l) Societies referred to in article 12 bis of the Stock Exchange Law (Ley del Mercado de Valores)

m) Retirement funds Administration.

p) Manufacturing and trade in explosives, fire arms, shells, ammunition and fire works, not including utilization of explosives for industrial and extractive purposes.

q) Printing and publishing for exclusive national distribution.

r) Series “T” shares in  corporations owning farm lands.

s) Fresh water, costal and exclusive economic zone fishing,  not including aquaculture.

t) Integral Administration of ports.

u) Tug boat services to ships in terms of the applicable law.

v) Shipping corporations that utilize interior navigation and docking, with the exception of tourist cruise liners, dredging, and naval artifacts utilized for port construction, conservation and operation.

w) Fuel and lubricant supply for ships and airplanes and rail equipment; and

x) Concessions in terms of articles 11 and 12 of the Federal Law of Telecommunications (Ley Federal de Telecomunicaciones.)


4. A favorable resolution from the Commission of Foreign Investments is required to allow foreign investment participation in a percentage of more than 49% in the economic activities and societies mentioned bellow:


I.  Port services to ships to carry out interior navigation operations, such as tugging, docking lines and boating. ;

II. Naval corporations dedicated to operate exclusively in high seas traffic.

IV Airport Concessionaire or parishioner corporations  providing services to the public.

v. Private, preschool, primary, secondary, intermediate superior, superior and combined education services

VI. Legal services

VI. Credit reporting firms.

VIII. Securities valuation Institutions.

IX. Insurance Agencies.

X. Cellular telephony

XI.- Duct construction for the transportation of oil and derivatives.

XII.- Oil and gas well drilling; and

XII.- Construction, operation and exploitation of rail roads which serving as a general communications throughway, and provide a public rail way transportation service.

 A favorable resolution from the Commission is required in order for any Mexican corporation to participate, directly or indirectly, in a proportion larger than 49 % of its social capital, only when the value of the companies’ assets exceeds the amount determined by the commission annually.

 5. Foreign capital in a Mexican corporation can participation up to 100 % in all other areas not listed above.