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Mexican Law Consultants

Mexican Law Consulting ServicesMost of us have a general, some times vague, understanding of the law of our corresponding country of origin. But when it comes to trying to understand the law of a foreign country, things change. Thing that may seem commonsense to us may not be so in a foreign land. Here’s when you need the advice of experts in the law of that foreign country.


Foreign law is applied in a multitude of cases involving individuals and corporations during trials or business transactions that have origins or consequences in a foreign country. Interpreting and applying foreign law is becoming more common as we become more a part of a global society.  Judges need to know what the law of a specific foreign country says in order to make a determination concerning a case in which that foreign law applies. Lawyers need to understand foreign law in order to prepare for trial in cases where foreign law applies. But where do these professionals get such valuable advice?  Many tend to do the research themselves. But even if you are well versed in the law and have experience researching and interpreting the case law of that foreign country, contacting a foreign legal expert is, for the most part, still in order.


We at Castaneda and Associates are experts in Mexico law. Mr. Castaneda has had over thirty five years of litigating experience in local and federal courts of Mexico in the areas of civil, commercial and criminal law, and has been retained by lawyers in other countries to advice them on specific cases and issues in which the law of Mexico applies. He has appeared as counsel to attorneys and as expert witness and amicus curiae in local and federal courts in the United States of America in numerous cases involving the law of Mexico.